Theresa Mays fab dinner party.

Just before becoming PM May had dinner with a special person….none other than the Chief Rabbi of Britain,rather than the Chief of Britain’s Anglican church…The Archbishop of Canterbury.

This tells you what is REALLY going down in the top strata of British society.

Is it a coincidence that so many Western leaders are readily identifiable as CRYPTO Jews…..nah,no way….not at all.

Take the utter prick Trudeau,the PM of Canada….it is so easy to establish Trudeau is a crypto Jew….just like his predecessor Harper…that you almost need not bother.

Then there is the hag Merkel….who just like the ubermensch Goebbels is easy to ID as a crypto Jew.When you think about Goebbels…to suggest he was an Aryan,part of the new master race…is absurd.A small dwarf like creature with a built in breeding programme problem…a club foot….it is surprising the Elders of Zyklon got away with this deception.

Then there were the two WW2 general’s…who ended up dead….and not by enemy gunfire either.Patton and Rommel.Both were charismatic individuals….both murdered by the Jewish bankers running WW2…you could safely speculate that BOTH of them figured out what was going down.They realised certain things did not make sense….like allowing the British evacuation at Dunkirk or preventing Patton from advancing on Berlin in order to allow the Russians to enter first.

So instead of the charismatic Patton becoming the first post WW2 American president….The Jew Eisenhower gets the job.(Incidently Truman was ALSO easily identifiable as a crypto Jew….EASILY).

Here is what you can say about Theresa May with utter confidence…she is going to allow more and more third world migrants to enter Britain….never mind the speeches outside No 10….

Here’s why….there is a hidden cabal of top Jews in all Western Countries…who have betrayed the interests of the citizens of those countries….their PRIMARY concern is Israel….They have successfully made Israel’s islamic/muslim problems into Western Countries problems…by importing MILLIONS of potential terrorists into Europe…..THEY HAVE AND ARE FACILITATING IT….!!’

So the next time a crypto Jew Prime Minister of Britain gives a speech outside NO10 don’t even bother listening…nothing is going to change.At least you will understand why May had dinner with the Chief Rabbi…ISRAEL IS CALLING THE SHOTS (literally)

Incidently identifying fakes on the net can be straightforward….If a website does NOT mention Trump is a Jew…then it is fake.If a website does not mention that 9/11 was a mossad is fake….If a website does not favour Alex Jones being processed at a Palmolive Soap factory…it is fake.If a website does not support Kissinger being made into a lampshade….it’s fake.

Here’s a really tough question….what is the real ethnicity of the hugely rich Australian Prime Minister….sorry no prizes for this one….he is a JEW….Turnbull is of the same ethnicity as 80% of the billionaires in Australia….Australians can now work out WHY…against their wishes…Australia has been flooded with third world immigrants from all over the world.

OK….check The Barbara Spectre You Tube video…..”Jews will be at the forefront of etc”‘

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