Benny Hinn the greatest conman America has ever prodooced.

Have you seen crypto Jew Benny on stage with Americans suffering from various ailments…..he cures them by throwing out an arm and commanding the Lord to cure them….a common or garden variety miracle….in plain sight.

In one such cure….one of Bennys faithful followers was suffering from some sort of skin ailment….on this occasion Benny decided that the laying on of hands was not necessary ….for some reason???.

A very fat American trooped up on the stage next….his vertebrae was playing up he could “barely move”‘…Not a problem for Benny the Jewish fairground showman….out goes the arm and the fat American obligingly reels backward onto the floor.What was interesting on this one was…The bloke was so fat he BOUNCED when he hit the deck.His subsequent demonstration to the crowd that Benny had miraculously cured him….was unconvincing to say the least….he seem to wince in pain as he thanked Benny profusely….

Obviously any decent fair minded person would be quite happy to see Benny on the rack….for his crimes against humanity…..

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