Daily Mail catches out CNN fake news.

CNN ….where caught out in a blatant example of fake news reporting…

But what about the Daily Mail itself…Recently the Mail has been reporting “news” about the New York Times….which said the British public were cowed by terrorist attacks.The Mail then listed a number of reasons why the British public were not cowed by the attacks.You COULD suggest that the Mail was manipulating British public opinion….The Mail has just featured a video where Britons are featured on public transport singing their defiance…..Then there are Britons at pop concerts singing their defiance.

You COULD suggest the Mail is ACTUALLY attempting to shape public opinion by telling the public how they think….

Keep in mind the British elite has one overriding concern following these bombing outrages….that the public does not turn on the leaders who HAVE CAUSED THIS SITUATION TO ARISE IN THE FIRST PLACE VIA DELIBERATE AND PLANNED MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION…..

The British media is complicit in this invasion …and the resulting problems….and this INCLUDES the cynical bastards running the Daily Mail.

These days it seems the primary objective of the media is not to inform,but rather to manipulate public opinion.The very situation you might find in a totalitarian/Orwellian state.

They have other techniques to hand…too.Like the way information on these bombings is drip fed in a controlled manner….so mass deaths do not all come at once…which may just ignite civil unrest….

It would be far better around if Britain had a mini revolution and trash like May and co were forced from office…and a leader was elected who actually DID SOMETHING about the problem….May has just said “enough is enough” what is she going to say when the next attack happens….?…enough is enough is enough.

The British elite ARE DESTROYING BRITAINS IDENTITY…by facilitating mass immigration of alien people’s…and the media propagandises people in order that they not react to the elites treachery…Anyone who looks closely at this issue always comes to the same conclusion….The hidden Jewish elite in Britain are responsible….THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING….


Britain will inevitably sink into tyranny…and they will be running pop concerts to “stop the hate”‘…….of Big Brother.

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