NZERS NEED TO ASK THEMSELVES…do we want to end up like Pommieland….??.

Essentially Britain is a vast politically correct police state….for politically correct read a strange mixture of fascism/communism.The secret police state is all encompassing….British patriotic people are MERCILESSLY picked on by the secret police…their job opportunities interfered with…their lives disrupted.Their travel monitored and even prevented (The U.N. Charter on human rights specifically mentions the right to freedom of movement)

All of this is carried out in secret while the JEWISH owned and operated media ignores all these fundamental breaches of human rights by describing nationalist oriented citizens as thought criminals who deserve what they get.

This situation was the type of thing found in the former Eastern Bloc countries….like the former Eastern Bloc the Wests internal secret police ARE RUN BY JEWS….Jews like David Parker of MI5…..

Currently NZ is heading toward the same situation….and it’s all based around the problems caused by immigrants…..WHICH THE JEWS HAVE IMPOSED ON NZERS…whether they like it or not.

CREATE THE PROBLEM…..PROVIDE THE SOLUTION….A JEWISH RUN POLICE STATE.Already NZ which was once a country based on Christianity is being fractured and fragmented…a common way of thinking has fast disappeared….

ALL and I mean ALL the political TV shows are totally dominated by a small ethnic minority…..Jewish….it is the sort of situation once found in South Africa…only it’s not whites…it is Jewish.


Even the sports commentators are usually Jews.There’s a program called Project featuring a line up of PC morons chaired by the compulsory jew….who could be best described as a total fuckwit.They invite former sports stars like Mark Williamson to be on the panel…he may have been a sports star but he is a DROPKICK ill equipped to be making any coherent comment on anything….without sounding retarded.

Winston Peters was attacked by a Jew in parliament for suggesting political correctness should be stomped on.The Jew in question?….The snotty nosed little pipsqueak David Seymour…The solitary ACT party MP.(he is in the job for the money….that is his sole objective)

There will be loads of NZers who will vote for the three Jewish controlled political parties…Labour,National and the Greens….by doing so they will absolutely guarantee terror attacks on NZ soil sooner or later.

Meantime…..The people Peters warned NZers about years ago…Fay and Richwhite to mention just TWO….are now the owners of huge fortunes STOLEN from NZ taxpayers….You’ll notice that the NZ Jewish run media is very reluctant to give Peters any credit for exposing this massive corruption.

If you vote for the main parties…you are voting for own destruction….that’s in the long term.Fifty years ago NZers could not have possibly imagined that Auckland would have Chinese gangsters running brothels….and that NZers would form the minority of the people in the city…..ALL OVERSEEN BY A CORRUPT JEWISH OLIGARCHY…….richer and more influential and powerful than ever.When this situation arises history has proven that things go very badly for the average person….you can wave freedoms goodbye…..tyranny is just around the corner….you can bet on it.


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