Disinformation…on The “Truthseeker” website.

There seems to be quite a bit of it,but that is hardly surprising since almost all of the regular articles are written by Jews.

The latest example tells readers that Ireland has always been run by Freemasons ….this one is served up by “Henry Makow” who purports to be a Christian but spends all his time writing about Jews.He also maintains that the 6 million holocau$t® story is true….clear evidence Makow is ANOTHER Jewish disinformation specialist.

The Irish politicians Cowan and Robinson are mentioned….what is not mentioned is these two names are common crypto Jewish “anglicised” surnames.Cowan being a disguised form of Cohen and Robinson being originally Rabin-son….or Rabinowitz.

So if you get THESE surnames cropping up in the political arena…then they are almost certainly crypto Jews.(or in the media OR finance)

Dial up your local lampshade manufacturer to see if they might be interested in a new art deco range of lampshades….The Makowsteen lamp.

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