“Salma Hayek takes on White privilege”….says the Guardian review

It’s another attack on Europeans by the familiar enemy….Jewry.

But as usual it is a covert attack….It’s covert because MOST people would not know that Salma Hayek (like the economist) is not just a Latina…she is also Jewish….as are the rest of the cast members of this Jewish production.

Furthermore MOST people living in affluent suburbs are NOT white,but Jewish….particularly in 90210.

This strategy of the Jews….is almost criminal….because they are quite happy to be regarded as white…when it suits them….So if rich people in Hollywood are exploiting Mexicans ….then it’s “whites” who are doing it…..More like rich Jews infact….

The Guardian has a Jewish editor…who never ceases to find BS about “white racism”….They even have Black “lawn jockey” journalists who devote most of their time to complaining about white racism….they are of course being used by Jews.

Maybe they should spend time investigating the considerable role played by the Jews in the slave trade.

Just as Jews dominate big business today and own Wall Street….so too in the heyday of the international slave trade….Jews were the Prime movers in this “industry”.

Well the Guardian is NOT going to be publicising this fact….for obvious reasons.

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