Check Paul Craig Roberts latest article.

Then consider the NZs presstitutes constant attacks of Winston Peters…

Rather than depict Peters as someone who has consistently defended NZers freedoms….like freedom from corruption by powerful vested interests..The media constantly disparages him….often in a mocking tone.Rather than addressing him as Mr Peters….they call him “Winston”….by doing so they are mocking him…and it’s quite deliberate.

The zio-media seems to like to have a go at English too??.Some of them obviously set him up in the Pacific Islands by getting him decked out in ill fitting tribal gear…..he was made to look stupid….you can make a safe bet this did not happen by chance…..

Keep in mind NZ  is usually 20 years behind trends set in the US and Europe.


Heaven help NZ if our politicians ever end up like the fucken jerks in the American government….Twenty years worth of American TV indoctrination could tip New Zealand into becoming a nation of MORONS…..The giggling cunts fronting NZ talk shows right now does not bode well for the future….Jimmy Lampshade Felon here we come.

Currently I have a couple of kilograms of C4 on order via eBay….you could speculate that there will be a lot of rejoicing when the IDIOTS at TV3 Breakfast are vaporized on air….YESSSSSSSSSSS!’.

When Roberts eventually has to retire as a result of advancing years….it is hard to think of ANYONE of his standing EVER being replaced.There are just too many unprincipled cunts hanging around Washington D.C…..Americans

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