They’ve infiltrated just about everything….

There is very good evidence to suggest that Putin is actually a Jew who would be better name Putsteen.This should come as no surprise given Global Jews Incorporated make it their SOP to run both sides of any conflict.So all this stuff about Trump and the Russian connection….and all the rest of it….is just a sideshow perhaps to lay the groundwork for a third world war.Putin’s buddy Lavrov certainly looks Jewish…and Global Jews,Inc…makes a point in installing crypto Jews as a country’s foreign minister.NZ has a former woodwork teacher and champion eater as it’s foreign minister.He has been to Israel on a number of occasions.Boris Johnstein is Britain’s version.

Then there is the Catholic church…it is full of crypto Jews….loads of ’em.Yup its been infiltrated all right make no mistake.

When I was living in Palmerston North years back….I experienced what you could call problems from “Catholics”…Turns out,judging from their surnames…they were Marranos!!….So now it all tends to make sense….

Today…there appeared to be a platoon of Catholics hanging around….keep in mind that you get real Catholics roped into this stuff…by Marranos…and they are often too stupid or ill informed to know that they have a cuckoo in the nest.

It is stuff like this….how things get enormously complicated when trying to combat Global Jews Inc….As a Czech or Hungarian I met on a train in zentral Europe said…..”ze jewz zay haf many dizguizes”…..only at the time I was wondering vot he meant.(keep in mind Central Europeans have centuries of dealing wiv ze Juden.For example…in Prague there is a bridge across the river named the Charles Bridge.There is a strange statue of Christ half way across…Strange because it has Hebrew lettering on the top of it….WTF!.

Turns out the lettering was placed there to stop maniac religious Jews from spitting on the statue…as they are obliged to do by the maniacs handbook,The Talmud.Obviously it would have been easier just to grab the maniac Jews and launch them over the side of the bridge.So most likely non religious Jews were responsible for the lettering… a move to stop the religious madmen from inciting another pogrom….

Yeah…so The Catholic church is heavily infiltrated by the Satanists…..Sometimes ordinary people may figure it out.What could be more obvious than the Catholic Cardinal in Munchen by the name of MARX!!!!.

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