Catalan wants to hold independence referendum…

There are also calls for Catalan to take in more “refugees”.A senior lawyer Merce Conesa reckons it is “shameful that more EU quota refugees have not been settled in Catalan”.

Check the internet and you will find that the surname Conesa is Sephardic Jewish (like Franco)

Therefore it seems as though CRYPTO Jews (Marranos) are once more manipulating Spain.

Keep in mind that it was very likely that Jews played a major role in the invasion of Southern Spain by the Moors (Muslims).Jews played a prominent role in the Muslim govt…then switched allegiance once they had got on the wrong side of them.

One thing is for sure…JEWS are playing THE leading role in the mass invasion of Europe TODAY.(get it from the zio-horses mouth and check the infamous Barbara Spectre video on You Tube).

So these calls for independence probably have more to them than meets the eye.Obviously checking the names of all the leading players may be of use….after all no Spaniard in their right mind would call for more “refugees” to be settled in Spain…..they already have massive unemployment problems in the country….and corruption is widespread.

There are actually photographs of big demonstrations in Barcelona with idiots carrying the obligatory “welcome” signs…utter fools would be a polite way of describing them….led by “hidden forces” with an agenda….by appealing to their misdirected better instincts.



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