Corbyns father worked for the Rothschilds….

No one should be surprised by the above….Jews Inc. Run Britain…..and as usual run both sides of the election.

Well maybe Gilad Atzmon will be “surprised”…. currently he is heavily advertising his new book…every chance he gets….he  will be making plenty of cash out of his books.He has just written that…..strange as it may seem…he (Corbyn) is not controlled by Jews.Sure thing….pull the other one.Apparently Corbyn used to live just down the road from the Rothschilds.

At the last election two Jews competed against each other to become Prime Minister ….Cameron and Milliband…THIS election will be no different.Corbyn like the IDIOT Theresa May will be a crypto Jew.He certainly follows ALL the new world order objectives….he also TOTALLY IGNORES the majority of Britons concerns on immigration.He covers for Dianne Abbot the thick as pig shit black MP.

Anyone who thinks Corbyn will offer anything different is in for a surprise.Were he to become PM he would further divide an already divided nation.In short,they are all tarred with the same brush…..and run by the Jews.

Britain seems to heading the Italian route with constant elections and an all new PM.It sort of reminds you a bit of Ancient Rome when the later emperors sometimes lasted a couple of months before being got rid of.

Unless Britain manages to elect a government free of the Jews control…it is destined for the scrap heap.But if the Jews control Britain…it is nothing like the vice like hold they have over the United States!!!.

Already the invasion of Britain by the third world… going to have a devastating effect…BUT it will take maybe a couple of generations…one thing is for sure ….Britain’s overall IQ will drop alarmingly….(this is already happening in NZ…where intelligent people are being out bred by dummies…2 to 1.).It looks like Gonzo (Andrew Little)and Bucko (his deputy,who at least is not an over fed blob!)..the two Jews who run the NZ Labour Party are being shaped to win the next NZ election…..The invaders will keep arriving….

Now check out the Barbara Spectre video on You Tube….and the horrendous damage being done to a once peaceful stable country.

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