Shock election result in Britain…what is really going on here.

You could reliably speculate that the crypto jewess deliberately brought this situation about.Like not turning up to TV debates etc.

Most likely it is all to do with preventing Britain from leaving the EU.

Keep in mind that in other European countries who voted NOT to join the EU…The “deep state” kept on having referendums etc UNTIL the desired yes vote was achieved…

So what will probably happen is….ANOTHER REFERENDUM….with an all out media propaganda exercise in order to scare voters to vote remain…”for stability$ sake”.

It was always suspicious that an MP like May who had spent her entire career backing the EU…should suddenly switch camps.

By setting up a second referendum the elite hope to avoid civil unrest…which had been a distinct possibility if the initial referendum result was ignored.

Of course the mass invasion of Britain’s shores CONTINUES UNABATED.The Mail has just revealed that the British Navy has “rescued” a bunch of criminal Albanians who were on the point of sinking in the Channel.

As mentioned….British citizens need to start arming themselves because once things go wrong in the big cities…The thousands of immigrants/invaders in the cities will fan out across the countryside…..The elite will be holed up in their heavily protected grand houses…or failing that catching a helicopter from their rooftops.Maybe Branstein will put some of them up at his private island….

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