The hunt is on for new Conservative leader….

Well obviously the first rule of thumb for a new leader to replace the absurd wobbly May is…..must be a crypto Jew.

That’s where Boris Johnstein fits in.He is as Jewish as Donald Trump,which means very…..Jewish.

Never mind the hearty man about town Boris….he is a privileged over bred product of private skooling and has nothing in common with the average voter in Britain.He won’t have half the third world’s nationalities living down the street from him….rather he’ll be living it up on private estates in the company of the Chipping Nortstein set.

AND the jew Johnstein WILL NOT do anything about the invasion of British shores now currently taking place.

All of this stuff can be related to the invasion of Spain by the Moors….Only the media is occupied,not by Anglo Saxons,but rather by Semites….so they sure as hell won’t be saying anything.

Semites like the wealthy boor Johnson.

Poms should drop down to their local bookies and bet on Jew-Johnson becoming the next leader….it would seem to be a safe bet.

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