Kiwi media filth talk up immigration…with the obligatory Jewish expert.

Some of the filthiest media filth filthiest in NZ ….can be found on TV3 AM….

Whenever they discuss immigration you know what their position will be..if they don’t have the required PC opinion they won’t be working in TV….easy.

Put it like this…If a North Korean media personality decided to go against the government’s official position…then they would be fired.If a South Korean media type started backing North Korea they would be out of a job…..etc etc.

To work in the media in NZ you HAVE to be 100% pro immigration….you HAVE to be pro fudgepacker,you HAVE to be politically correct….So there is no room for alternative opinions….in a “free democracy”..A contradiction if ever there was one.

Things are getting worse…NZ is heading toward the situation found in the USA…..Have you honestly ever seen more moronic tv than ELLEN DEGENERATE….well Kiwi Jewish run tv is working on it….The AM TV SHOW.

They have installed three kiwi FUCKWITS to front it….they are the living embodiment of media fuckwittery.

They are ALL GROSSLY OVERPAID for doing a few hours work…..

The frontman is a garralouse imbecile whose porcine like eyes tell the viewer that there “ain’t much activity going on behind them”….The perfect hierarchy of needs automaton….

The dippy newsreader is the perfect accomplice in the crime against humanity which is the tv show.A light giggly flapper guaranteed not to challenge the massive egos of the two fuckwits alongside her.

Then there is the former sportsman….FORMER being the operative word.Living off past glories….unfortunately waving a piece of willow around on a grass field does not guarantee that the sportsman will be able to make any useful contribution……more the opposite infact.Richardson….that’s his name…is simply awful.BUT….he is a sly dog…he knows what opinion to have and when to speak it whether he believes it or not.So right on cue….Richardson is talking the talk on immigration… other words an atrocious individual with not a shred of credibility.

Then the “expert” on immigration is wheeled into the studio….if you are clued up enough you can predict the ethnicity of the expert….Jewish….because powerful Jews are running the immigration racket in Western Countries.In this case a Dr Paul Spooner from Massey University.

The human rights abuse heaped apon people who oppose mass alien immigration….in Britain….is becoming legendary….in some cases what amounts to detention without trial.Abuse by the police AND the courts with massively disproportionate sentences handed out….it will get to a point where it will become indistinguishable from the sort of thing found in totalitarian  countries.

I have had a taste of it myself…to a point where the only logical course of action was to flee the country.

The media is part of the problem….too many people believe what they are told by the media.The media can best be described as PRESSTITUTES… the trash mentioned above.They are well paid presstitutes too.Cunts for hire.

One of the biggest cunts for hire in Britain is Paul Dacre…he is the editor of the Daily Mail….Appropriately he is said to grossly abuse his staff by routinely calling employees “cunts” and threatening to sack them.He has an obsession with “Nazis” and is always running stories about Nazis and Jewish suffering….The Mail is very light on suffering caused by Jews….like white phosphorus bombing of men women and children in the Gaza strip.All of this should come as no surprise when you consider Dacre is a crypto Jew!!….

Note:.This blog is “heavily interfered with”… should expect this of course…..gross invasion of privacy and round the clock monitoring by the police state….

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