He who controls the present controls the past…..

The Jewish controlled BBC often refers to Orwells book 1984…. to give ’em tips on producing television programmes.

Jews emphatically control the present and this enables them to rewrite history…that is to…..Politically Correct the past….and by doing so….”control the past”.

Nowhere is this more obvious than the inclusion of blacks in historical type dramas….when in real life they did not exist…..this is truly an Orwellian practice…..But since Jews control the present no one is going to be stopping them and their PC lies.You can imagine the Jews inflicted this sort of stuff on Russians when they were ruling the roost there……during the USSR period of Hell.

It really is about time the Jews running the BBC were held to account….and told to fuck off.

Shakespeare made the occasional mistake anachronism wise by including clocks when there were none (In ancient Rome)….but the inclusion of blacks when there were none….is something else entirely….it borders on the sinister.

To justify their actions the BBC will sometimes search around frantically to find ONE,just ONE,example of the presence of black people….It is rather like the depiction of Jews….while every other race can have baddies….Not Jews though…they are either suffering or the brainiest person around….Al Capone and his Jew buddies maybe depicted as Italians….etc.How about one of the greatest modern day Jewish criminals….Silverstein and Lowy who carried off the greatest insurance scam in history….The claim on the asbestos ridden World Trade Centre….9/11.

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