Nicola Willis……Aspiring NZ National Party MP

Guess what naughty Nicola is a jewess….AND she is pro invasion of NZ by third world invaders.

She appeared on Back Benches the TV show hosted by the compulsory JEW.

One of the segments of the show features a….”white man behind a desk”…but there is a slight problem…he is actually not “white”…as in of the European race……he is a Jew.More tricky chicanery from the Jews who produce the show….disguising your REAL ethnicity has its advantages…after all the US government is now composed of Jews (mostly) which gives rise to absurd situations like the war criminal Benji Netanyahoo receiving 30 standing ovations from the sycophants of the US Congress.

The NZ National Party putting NZ last.

They are a pack of cunts of course who receive their instructions from the hugely rich Jewish oligarchy….

Just occasionally the elites treachery and betrayal of New Zealand and New Zealanders… revealed.The non prosecution of the crypto Jewish bankers Fay and Richwhite is a good example.Or handing a govt department…The NZ printing Office to the richest jew in Australasia Graeme Hart….ten million dollars pocketed.

Now the low lying dirty pack of cunts are GIVING foreign companies (Chinese) our pristine water away FREE.They are also allowing foreign companies to buy up NZ companies no questions asked.

Are they doing this because they like to be kind……of course NOT….Key people will be getting bribes….very well disguised bribes.The oligarchy who OWNS THE MEDIA will not be reporting any of this.

Incidently the Labour Party will NOT cut immigration in any meaningful way although they have an election promise to do so…..we have see all this shit before…..Thatcher,BLAIR,MAJOR,CAMERON….and now May all promised this stuff….ALL LIES.

The abovementioned politicians,Incidently are ALL CRYPTO JEWS.They have all publically attended church at one time or another.The Spanish of the 15th Century were wise to this trick….they called crypto Jews who attended church….”Nueva Christians”…..New Christians…meaning false christians.They were also known as “Marranos”.

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