Time magazine (Jewish owned and operated)gives “Lorde” (a Jewish pop star) loads of free publicity…she needs it!

Lorde the hugely over-hyped NZ pop star is visiting NZ on a tour…which should make her a few hundred thousand.

Lorde is not like the singer Adele whose success is directly related to her talent….although Adele is big sponge pudding with a weighty stage presence…you can’t take it away from her….she has got talent.

On the other hand Lordes success can be directly attributed to the fact she is a Jew.Jews totally own the music industry so they can turn pretty much anyone into a successful pop star.Lorde is basically a minimally talented Jewish geek with loads of confidence which comes from knowing that her fellow tribesmen own everything….and that she will get preference ahead of any goyim wannabes …So it all boils down to very well concealed Jewish tribalism….read RACISM.

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