Freemasons in Central Otago NZ…there are LOADS of the cunts.

Freemasons like to portray themselves as benign organisations who donate money to worthy causes….like helicopter rescue….and you might be inclined to believe it up until you examine their bizarre rituals they hold in their almost windowless shacks….essentially the rituals are satanic in nature…’ll often see elements of Masonic rituals showing up in pop videos.

You could say that Freemasonry is the polar opposite of Christianity.Have you seen their buildings….they are closed off and almost windowless….this tells you all you need to know about these cunts…Democracy works on the basis of openness….these satanic fiends work on closed secretive networks which ultimately pose a threat to democracy.

I got a “whistling episode” from what looked like a scaffolding company (appropriately named scaffolding..Matrix) employee.I couldn’t ascertain if the noxious little shit was actually working for the company….but it seemed like it.

Many Freemasons are actually crypto Jews….at the top levels all of them are.In Britain the police and court system is INFESTED with Freemasons….they of course subvert the judicial system to their advantage….particularly in the realm of business.They are more likely to receive certain government contracts.The Freemasons disease is spreading too.They are now working their way into the upper levels of African governments…..but since political stability in Africa is uncommon they have not locked onto all countries.

Freemasonry was installed in India and Pakistan by the British when they had control.etc etc.

So obviously Freemasons need to be tightly controlled…..if not banned as a threat to democracy….

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