Kiwi pop star Zio-Lorde releases new album “Chinese Takeaway”

By all accounts Chinese Takeaway hits all the right notes.It documents Lordes harrowing breakup with her former boyfriend Chew Fat Tong….A Chinese Kiwi immigrant brought into NZ by the treacherous Jewish elite which now controls NZ immigration.So there is a political element to the new album.

Fans of Lorde are somewhat disappointed that Lorde makes no mention of racism issues in NZ…..for example the racist domination of the media by Jewish racists.Normally pop stars are supportive of anti racism activism but for some reason this particular issue has escaped Lordes attention???……WTF.Lorde fans are also outraged at the suggestion that Lorde is being considered for prosecution for traffic violations….like hanging halfway outside her car window while bemoaning her fateful loss of free takeaways after splitting with Chew Fat.

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