“Mad dog Mattis” involves America in Syrian war.

Mad Dog Mattis is the American General….

What you will NOT read in most alternative news websites is that Mattis is a crypto Jew…like so many of the people in the American government.(John Kerry or John McCain are just two of many)

As for liar Trump himself….he is ALSO a Jew.

Many Americans have now woken up to the fact they have been duped again…just as Obama duped them with his “change” mantra.Yes….a change for the worse.


It appears Global Jews Inc are trying a different tactic….they are casting Trump as a president under attack….and therefore he cannot be blamed for betraying American voters.

Warning to any American Generals who are not Jews…..if they feel like speaking out.Keep in mind the fate of General Patton who was murdered by the Jews…..a plan should be put in place to protect any General who is prepared to speak out….which means letting the Jews know there will be serious “consequences” if anything untoward happens to him.

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