NZ TV sports presenters….

Most of them are JEWS…..Is this because JEWS are uniquely talented as sports presenters….no not at all.It is to do with secretive Jewish networks within the media.Naturally they favour people of their own race for jobs.If Europeans do this…it is of course racism.

Just to complicate things…very often minorities featured on TV usually have the required partial Jewish ancestry.

“The Crowd Goes Wild” usually has a couple of Jews or percentage Jews fronting it but NEVER a racist European of course…..As the Jewish controlled media keeps telling the public over and over again…The only racists are “whites”…..Meantime New Zealand’s racist Jewish billionaires keep the millions rolling in…..they are ALWAYS 100% Jews…..They live in massive mansions with third world immigrant domestic help.

In Britain these sports presenters are often the subject of ridicule because of their stupid behaviour.Private Eye magazine runs a column featuring idiotic comments made by sports presenters.Not in NZ of course,Kiwis are not sophisticated enough…yet…to call out idiotic presenters…..who are like second-hand car salesmen broadcast into the nation’s living rooms…..often horrifying….and their stupidity is getting WORSE…


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