The London high rise fire.

You may have noticed a couple of things.

First….although The tower block was engulfed in flames the building itself did not collapse….Independent investigators including highly qualified engineers have noted the the WTC collapse (BOTH buildings) was the first example ever seen of wholesale collapse of a high rise building….Put it like this…as long as the Jews control the US government…..The bullshit official report on the 9/11 …..will remain….official.So no matter how many investigations are conducted by INDEPENDENT researchers….no matter how absurd the official findings are…nothing ain’t gonna change.The official truth is actually a lie….which just about fits with the increasingly Orwellian western democracies outlook.

Second….other people may have noticed that there were VITUALLY NO ENGLISH BORN RESIDENTS IN THE BUILDING….may be one percent or LESS…..Have absolutely no doubt that Britain has been invaded and IS being invaded….all organised by the absolutely HOSTILE British elite…largely composed of crypto Jews and masons.Note…The Mayor of London Khan is,on balance,likely to be a crypto jew/freemason.

Central parts of London have a long history of corruption…Dame Shirley Porter…The daughter of the founder of the giant Jewish supermarket chain TESCOS.At one point when she was being investigated for corruption…she fled to Israel and hid out there while “negotiating” her position.Of course the jewish/masonic control assured she was never jailed.

So London’s well known reputation for corruption and graft very likely led to this high rise building going up in flames….because it was cheaper not to install proper fire safety measures in the building.NONE of this will be properly exposed…there will be the usual sacrificial lambs….like some midrange executive.Investigations of high level wrong doing in Britain are held,not to unearth what happened but rather to placate public opinion…knowing full well,over time,the public WILL lose interest.This has already happened with the public enquiry into systematic child abuse…involving….EVEN….The British Secret Police….MI5.

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