Sir Eric Pickles…one of Londons fattest cryptos.

The Jew Gilad Atzmon has got ANOTHER book to sell…and he is promoting it full time.

This time he is using Eric “fatfuck” Pickles as the vehicle for promotion.(Pickles would be better off being used for soap production)

Atzmon reckons Pickles is a Shabby Goy,that is,a non Jew who doesn’t dress very well.

It is a deception of course because Pickles is your classic crypto Jew…AND Atzmon must be aware of this….which raises the question WHY the Israeli Atzmon is deliberately misleading the goyim into thinking Pickles is not a Jew…not that it matters….but one thing is for sure …monster Pickles,the caricature of the greedy Jew….is a beneficiary of the holocaust© industry,he has even got a knighthood out it.

Atzmon himself is also tapping into the goldmine….by opposing it!!!..He is probably making more money doing this than blowing his own trumpet.(see Jazz music…and it’s origins)

Commonsense tells you that Pickles would be better off employed for soap production…..please contact Palmolive ASAP.

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