I decided to do a search on “harassment techniques used by intelligence agencies “(secret police in other words)

And this website came up.Unlike many such websites it was not pushing any ideological/political agenda nor any religious agenda and therefore worth reading.

Remarkable as it may seem many of the examples quoted (of harassment) I have personally experienced!!.

“Helicopter harassment”…..this at first glance seems ridiculous…but the mentioning of this “technique” gave me cause to recall an experience I had on the South coast of England!.Which at the time I put down to an over active imagination…that is keep things in perspective.

I had just flown into ‘eafrow airport and had booked a rental car for a short time….hoping this would give me a chance to throw off the cunts.NO CHANCE.When I went to pick up the pre booked car (vw polo)…there seemed to be a problem which took at least an hour or more to fix.My guess is they were putting a tracker on the vehicle…hence the delay.So I drove south down to the coastal area near Bournemouth.The first night I was sleeping in the car (to save money) and was awoken by a helicopter hovering above the car (out in the country areas)..”fuck that is low” I thought.The helicopter hung around for quite a while…maybe ten minutes.

That’s very odd I thought…maybe they are looking for an escaped prisoner or something….(yeah fucking right)

Next day I decided I would drive along some obscure country roads to see if anything would show up….YES!…if you are being tracked by another car,the cunts more or less have to travel along the same route…giving you a chance of identifying a “possible”…..then I backtracked and hid the car behind some bushes…”if that cunt shows up again…then he is following me”.Sure enough the SAME car reappeared….I then followed him…closely….previously he had been crawling along….now he sped off quickly….So I established I WAS being tracked….BUT WHY?….surely not because of mentioning stuff about the Rothschilds and Jewish Power….ridiculous…after all I haven’t broken any laws…What’s the fucking point.According to the website…this is a not uncommon reaction.

The undercover MI5 cunt.Yep this incident or type of incident is mentioned by the website.I have already mentioned it on this blog.I met two English girls ****who were travelling around NZ….and said I would meet up with them should I return to the UK.When I did eventually meet them…they had this pommie cunt in tow….but it soon became apparent they did not really know him…..he mentioned stuff that had happened maybe ten years ago in London when I was living there!!.THIS technique is also covered by the website..The exact same methodology.The cunt was successful…because,after that I had no contact with the pommie Sheilas…The Pommie cunt would have fed them a pack of lies about me and I didn’t want to involve them in all the bullshit.Isolating the target is ANOTHER strategy mentioned in the website.”You can’t trust anyone”….THIS TOO is one of their objectives….

“FUCK THE CUNTS” was my reaction…carry on regardless….no matter what.

So I can now say without a shadow of a doubt that the “gunshots in the dead of night” (NZ)was on the DIRECT ORDERS OF THE FUCKING CUNTS IN THE NZ SIS……You dirty low lying filthy cunts (they’ll read this before you)…they also tried to murder me with a pre arranged truck “accident”.

The type of filth inhabiting the SIS …most people would not comprehend…apparently there is a colony of them living along the coast near Paraparaumu….

So what is ACTUALLY going on here?.These cunts exist to protect the oligarchs interests….scum like Fay and Richwhite…scum like the oligarch who bought off the judiciary to prevent his son going to jail…after he had assaulted a policewoman….scum like Graeme Hart the Jew who made off with the NZ government printing Office.THAT is who they work for….NOT THE CITIZENS of the country.They have a global network….I experienced trouble from places as diverse as Malta and Sweden!!.

Right…last Thursday I was in the local salvation army shop….and then this Maori shows up.He was trying on second hand stuff and muttering away talking to himself….as though he was a Looney.BUT I had already experienced this shit in the local library a few years back….The fake Looney in other words.

So I checked his clothing to see if he fitted the picture.Not quite!…he had a pair of almost new  shoes on…expensive ones.So the miserable little shit was either a member of the FUCKING  CUNTS  THE SIS….OR a hired flunky tee’d up by them….The website ALSO mentions that the secret police (SIS) employ such lowlife as this specimen.

The smearing of the targeted individual is mentioned of course,as is the bugging of the dwelling…..this is pretty much standard operating procedure.

According to this website…all of these techniques were developed over several centuries…this too makes sense….The cunts even had William Shakespeare on their books.Their lies are well practiced…The deliberately caused Irish famine was their handiwork too.As were a couple of famines in India….you know,around the time the Sassoons (originally the Sassoon Jews were from Iraq) were turning China into a nation of opium addicts….growing the raw materials in India using forced Labour).

They have a new strategy….flooding Western Countries with third world immigrants…which in turn can be pitted against the native population….if necessary they can be provided with armaments by the likes of the Hungarian jew Soros…..who got his billions from a massive financial swindle which would have,by necessity,involved the British financial elite.

No doubt this recent fire in London was the handiwork of the elite…designed to precipitate X Y or Z reaction.

So even a lone individual can be targeted by these fiends….and it can get dangerous….after all they murdered Dr David Kelly who got in their way….and MAKE NO MISTAKE…..he did not commit suicide….they got him because he got in the way.

The NZ SIS ….a corrupt govt dept who go around breaking and entering at their pleasure….and committing attempted murder….fucken filth.As for all those “privacy safeguards” ITS BULLSHIT….STONE COLD BULLSHIT…you’ll find that out if you attempt to publicise the elites criminality.

****The British Secret Police were provided with the details by their NZ counterparts and no doubt my cellphone details which I swapped out with a British SIM card.

All in all a very informative website which appears to be legit.It seems to be run by ex servicemen….a certainly hope they are preparing caches of weapons…they’ll need  ’em….eventually.As long as they start at the top though otherwise they’ll get no where.Start with MI5 first of course….these are the scum who used CHILDREN in order to blackmail highly placed pedophiles….The very depths of human depravity!!’….Let’s get real the NZ Justice Lovel who was in charge of the pedophile enquiry in Britain….saw the writing on the wall and got the hell out of the shithole….what’s the bet she came across some really horrifying depravity at the top and cut her losses and left….knowing full well that no enquiry is going to get anywhere….set up to fail,right from the start.


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