One of The Guardians Jewish journalists writes a preposterously sycophantic piece about preposterously UNtalented Kiwi pop squawker Zio-Lorde.

This stuff is a very good example of how Jewish race based networking….works…..and proves that just about anyone can become a pop star with the right sort of promotion.

Since the music industry is TOTALLY DOMINATED by the Chosen People…naturally the Jews being the racists they are,will favour their own race to promote….simples.

The Jews have now tapped into the Charity Money spinner….disaster relief.This new angle for exploiting the goyim was started by Bob Geldof,the Irish flim flam man….and crypto Jew.

The virtually penniless Geldof launched a charity for the starving Ethiopians…to “save the world”….strange as it may seem Mr Charity,the jew Geldof….is today reputed to be worth £30,000,000??!..Obviously the Jewish cunt has ripped off the gullible goyim and their donations to good causes.

Like Ed Sheeranstein Lorde is a product of the times….an entirely artificial product,a creation of the Jewish run music industry…..The question is,when is the scam going to come to an end?……First the public has to learn about “disguise-o-jews”© and the deliberate concealment of ethnicity.

Meantime…must check out Lordes new pop video….her uncoordinated dancing is something to behold.Contrast this with the natural gyrations of black pop stars….whose genetic heritage going back to African tribal dancing ensures they keep time with any drum beat.Nicky Minages massive butt never misses a beat….and that is some achievement given the size of it!!’

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