Another terror attack in London…now take careful note of the media’s presentation.

This one involved a European driving a van into Muslims….which makes a change.

Already the media is banding about terms like “islamaphobia”.No doubt Josh White of the Daily Mail will put people right….he is of course one of the Mails Chosen journalists.

Is the driver of the van mentally stable like the perpetrators of the Manchester outrage….just for example.Surely the driver must be suffering from another psychological condition…..”xenophobia”…by the time they are finished with him the zio-media will have him suffering every psychological condition under the sun.

If the driver thinks his actions will change one thing…he is sorely mistaken.He would have achieved more running into a group of Marxist MPs BECAUSE THEY CAUSED THE PROBLEM TO ARISE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!.

And take note….MAY has NOT lifted a finger to stop the arrival of MORE third world immigrants…she has NOT done a fucking thing!’

There will be a very high number of ordinary people in Britain who will not object to this incident….giving Muslims a taste of their own medicine….after all the joke British government DOES NOTHING….except congratulate people for lighting candles…until the next time.

Infact the gangsters of MI5 actively target people who object to their country being over run by alien people’s…..THAT tells you all you need to know about the British govts priorities….without even mentioning the mass rapes of English girls in Rotherham WHICH THE GOVERNMENT OF BRITAIN ATTEMPTED TO COVER UP!!’

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