“China on Four Wheels”….BBC travel programme.

There is something decidedly ODD about this BBC production…

It is fronted by an Indian Sikh and a Jew…..BUT Britain is predominantly Anglo Saxon…therefore you would expect that at least one of the presenters would be of this ethnicity…so what gives???.

Here’s where it gets complicated….The BBC is predominantly staffed by JEWS…certainly all the executive level.The Jews who are inherently racist (but accuse Europeans or whites of this) actively seek to exclude Europeans from employment in the BBC.On the other hand non Europeans are pushed…and here’s where Anita Rani,the Sikhette fits in….(There was a Daily Mail poll which asked readers whether Anita should have a nose job….virtually everyone said Yes!)

How do the Jews at the BBC gets away with their racist employment policy?.’..No worries on that one…MOST people watching shows like this are unaware that the presenters who appear “white” are ACTUALLY JEWS!…..simples……

On NZ TV this BCC production was followed by “The Living Room”…a sort of a house and garden show from Australia.

Guess what….it is presented by a short blonde jewess….AND her sidekicks on the show appear to be crypto Jews as well.Certainly Chris Brown the Clutch Cargo lookalike and Vet is a tribe member.(“Brown” is usually a crypto surname especially if appearing on TV…also White,Black,Red….and even Blue….Rothschild,translated from German means “Red Sheild” OR “Schwartz” translated equals Black in English.White,as in Ernie Wise the pommie entertainer is derived from the German for “White”)

So do Jews control the Australian media?….of course they do…but it has not quite reached the saturation level found at the BBC…..YET.

Disguising your ethnicity has its advantages…..and the Jews have been doing this for CENTURIES.You can take over public broadcasting in plain sight without anyone raising the question about ethnic exclusivity…that is…RACISM.


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