Peter Fitzsimons…Australian author AND probable crypto Jew.

His wife (who works on Australian TV!…looks the part…a Jew)

Fitzsimons works in the media too….he is a leftist who many Australians dislike intensely.He has also work on radio.

This one might be like Sting and his Jewish wife.Sting is not a Jew BUT he has all the right social views to be acceptable to them

Anyway Fitzsimons is a right cunt who mines the politically correct gold promoting multiculturalism…and raises “Australian Racism” of a hundred years ago to Brow Beat Australians and make them feel guilty.

The secretive jewish/masonic networks in Australia have done enormous damage to Australians way of life…BY IMPORTING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ALIEN IMMIGRANTS….. Fitzsimons who works for  The Jewish owned Sydney Morning Herald needs to be put on a watch list.

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