Piers Morgan rants about attack.

First of all…..Morgan is a crypto Jew…he is also very wealthy and is paid ridiculous amounts of money for his rants.

Morgan will live in a wealthy suburb without an immigrant in sight.His high priced apartment will have heavy security and he is unlikely to use public transport….

In short he lives in a wealth bubble and the living is good.None of the petty problems of the low paid and little chance of being assaulted while returning to his dwelling….and all he does is rant and lecture people on how they should react to terror attacks.

The Jew Morgan,in short,is a waste of space…..most of the comments when he writes a column…are NEGATIVE which raises the question WHY the Daily Mail employs him.

They are all part of the club which has betrayed ordinary people in Britain.They certainly have nothing in common with “ordinary people”….nothing at all.

Several comments on Morgan suggested he take a f**king hike….make good sense….poseurs like Morgan need to be ignored…maybe the Mail would be forced to jettison him.

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