The loathsome cunts at the zio-Guardian.

The Jewish owned and operated anglicised Pravda is forever running immigration promo articles.

Their latest effort…a hospital porter from Vietnam who became a doctor.

“I well remember first arriving in Australia after escaping from Vietnam…The feeling of freedom…able to move about without constant monitoring……”.

Bit of a lucky cunt then…..because native born people in Australia and New Zealand (not to mention Europe)…are routinely DENIED this freedom….that is, if they object to their country being used as a dumping ground for the third world.

Of course it is ANOTHER ethnicity which is doing the denying…via their control of the media,finance,politics etc.

Although the Jewish controlled media likes to make out the Australian govt is cracking down on immigration….it seems the Jews of the Australian govt have recently imported well over a hundred tribesmen from Burma…who will bring in their families of course…one percent of them may get a university qualification…although this ethnic group is not known for its intelligence.Thank….TURNBULL the crypto Jew Prime Minister of Australia.

Now THERES a coincidence….NOT!…The leader of the US …TRUMP is also a Jew,as is Macron of France as is May of Britain…you get the picture.

The HOSTILE zio-elite laying the groundwork for the collapse of Western Civilisation….The Guardian provides the propaganda…..

Proof for the above???.Try campaigning AGAINST third world immigration in your country…unlike the Vietnamese refugee….your every move will be monitored by the state…more than that,you are very likely to have all your other freedoms curtailed….by the secret police…that is the gangsters (in Britain) of MI5.

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