TV3 breakfast presenter makes a veiled threat against a viewer

Apparently the viewer did not make comments that suited him….and he responded “we know where he lives”

Which is PRECISELY the sort of thing you would expect from the TV media in NZ…Most of them are egocentric ratbags who would be better suited selling second hand cars.(There was the infamous case of one of them beating up his girlfriend….naturally he is again employed in the media…AND he had the audacity to play the injured party post court case.Others have been found guilty of drug dealing….it is a well known fact that these media scum use cocaine on a regular basis.)

Note…..most,if not all the people at executive level ,are crypto jews….Which is not surprising since these big media companies worldwide are owned by Jews…..The mad monk….Brother Nathaniel has all the details on his website….He is apparently being targeted by Global Jews Inc….just like the Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer who had all his assets stripped from him while he was on the run outside the USA….it was open season on him because the FIENDS knew he could never return to the US….to defend himself.

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