Crowd funding for Mike Hoskings brain transplant.

Mike is probably one of NZs thickest celebrities…..but the remarkable thing is he manages to get away with it.

Through a combination of  affability guaranteed not to upset Mrs Smith of Pakuranga and schmoozing somehow Hosking has managed to pull it off.So a complete dope is now earning half a million bucks a year (if you combine his TV salary with his radio salary).Not quite up to the standards of NZs Judy Bailey the mother of the nation…who was at one time…(Jewish of course) getting paid $800,000 per year….by the Jewish executives running NZ TV.

Still,brain transplants don’t come cheap which is why “crowd funding hoskings brain translant” has been set up… the right thing and donate.

Is Hoskings a crypto Jew….tricky one….maybe.

His father in law pulled off a superb scam and got the NZ taxpayer to cough up SIX MILLION DOLLARS in an employment dispute case…..This occurred during the time of mass high level corruption in NZ….The elite was robbing the states coffers….left right and centre….The most high level example of theft  was the Merchant Bankers Fay and Richwhite…who made off with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF  PUBLIC MONEY…but there were plenty more lesser crimes.

So they got the money now…whaddaya gonna do about it…??’

Sorry the corruption went right into the heart of the NZ govt….and it involved people like Helen Clark amongst others.

The internet has slowed the cunts down….but expect problems from the SIS and elements of the police if you call the shots on corruption in high places.

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