NZ Greens….want “refugee” quota DOUBLED!!.

The Greens are

Zio-communists who dress themselves in green camouflage suits,the sort of outfit you might find duck hunters wearing….They are rather like Jehovah’s Witnesses who show up at your door…not quite what they seem…and once you hear what the are REALLY about you switch your Kalashnikov to fully automatic.

Socialists USED to be about getting workers a fair deal…eight hour days,free medical treatment,safe working conditions….etc

Now the cunts are about something else entirely…..gender identity issues are one of their main concerns AND promoting the flooding of western countries with third world immigrants….The outcome of which is to DROP the wages of ordinary workers via competition with the immigrants.They also compete for medical care and housing and schooling.

In short the Greens use a cloak of invisibility …The environment…to conceal their REAL agenda.

Not surprisingly…Green leaders in Western Countries ARE ALWAYS HUGELY OVERPAID CRYPTO JEWS….put it this way…their salaries have more in common with company executives than the workers they purport to represent…which makes them….two bit punks and charlatans.

Obviously most of them need a Kalashnikov makeover.

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