British government acts to halt a revolution brewing… What about the families of girls raped by immigrants?.

The British government has no doubt been informed by the secret police MI5 that serious trouble is on its way from the immigrants THEY BROUGHT INTO BRITAIN…It concerns the apartment block that caught fire.

The media lies and tells the public they spent 10 million pounds buying 68 flats…utter NONSENSE….they are luxury flats brought off a developer.(They don’t want the public to know how much they are spending to avoid a backlash)

This is probably a pre-emptive move BEFORE the real casualty figures are released.The govt is also doling out cash etc.

All of this could sound reasonable. BUT….You’ll notice that no such compensation has been forthcoming with the MASS RAPES committed by the immigrants brought into the country by Jews like BLAIR.The victims were native born English girls…AND THEY TRIED TO COVER IT UP.

What this example demonstrates is that if you let them know (the elite) you will riot….they may pay attention…they certainly won’t if you do nothing.

It also demonstrates the contempt that the elite have for the concerns of British people…..The country is going to go up in flames if the elite continues to ignore BRITISH PEOPLE….

The third world immigrants are going to be housed in luxury flats…..while many English live in rotten damp hell holes…..Either poms are going to stick up for themselves or they are going be trampled underfoot…..and their greatest enemy as in any police state…is the secret police itself ,MI5.

Give it five years and the elite will be launching dawn raids on law abiding patriots…and breaking down doors.

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