Is “Tommy Robinson” the far right spokesman in pommieland…real.

I doubt it….It is a well known fact that MI5 has fully infiltrated both the leftists and rightists in Britain…infact Britain is a full blown police state….so it would be easier to say that the British Secret Police have infiltrated everything worth infiltrating.

By controlling political groups the giant secret police organisation known as MI5 can vet all people who wish to join activist groups….even have sex with women and get them pregnant….while under cover….a contemptible vile practice which actually happened AND they got away with it.Still this wasn’t so bad for the gangsters of MI5….how about using orphaned children for pedophiles to abuse in order to blackmail their targets…..FILTH….disgusting FILTH…that is MI5 today.

So Robinson would not be on TV if he was genuine….he is very likely to be a crypto Jew…They may wish to use him to infiltrate other nationalist parties in mainland Europe AND to control members who want to take the battle to the enemy.

Then there is his concentration on Muslim immigrants ONLY…when it is a well known fact that non Muslim immigrants are responsible for a hugely disproportionate amount of crime.

Naturally there is NO mention of the enormous power of organised Jewry.Focussing on Muslim immigrants..suits Israel’s agenda…and the Jews are definitely facilitating many of these attacks…..just as they are assisting them in the Middle East.

Robinson has been photographed at demonstrations where the Israeli flag is flown!!!!..

Conclusion…Robinson is yet another government run fake…which explains why he gets to appear on television being interviewed by crypto Jew presenters…like the TOSSER Morgan or Phillip Schofield.

Well there is always heroic Katie ‘opkins the “right wing” journalist (Jewish)….Apon examination you find a few “problems” with her CV…like the fact she worked for the intelligence unit in the British Army….this sort of thing is never a good sign….It raises the possibility that she switched camp to the civvie street version….The Gangsters on the Thames….none other than MI5.

One thing is for sure the mass alien immigration which Blair started in earnest is ripping apart Britain’s sense of identity and cohesion….but nothing substantial can be done about it while MI5 acts to paralyze any movement which suggests substantial change….LEGITIMATE political parties are infiltrated and disrupted by the gangsters…so THEY have become the govt by default.

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