ISRAEL Shamir Jewish disinformation specialist.

He has just written another one of his tedious articles about Jews….

He reckons…Trump,Corbyn and Jeff Sessions are not Jews….

It is total bullocks of course….they are crypto Jews….have absolutely no doubt about that.

Jews are great liars….but they eventually get caught out as the weight of evidence outweighs their lies.

Shamir is rather like Benny Hinn the Israeli Christian preeecher….who preaches a special type of Christianity….and it is all about Jews…

Hinn even has other CRYPTO jew preachers on his tv programme who implore the goyim to open their wallets….”FOR JEZZZUS,praise the Lord” (not the Jewish pop star Lorde)

Hinn is duping Christians…and he makes a great job of it.HE SHOULD get a Kalashnikov makeover for his inbred Jewish duplicity….or put on the rack!’

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