Britain’s disastrous immigration and the delayed effect.

The effect of alien immigration on a country is not immediately noticeable…it takes a while to register.Which explains why there are not anti immigration riots in Britain.Things change,almost imperceptibly…..

There is no doubt at all that Britain is in a state of decline….corruption in London is at epidemic proportions.The police state is flourishing as the elite attempt to control events…but things inexorably….get worse.

The Daily Mail features a snapshot of the decline in action with extensive coverage of the races (sic) at Ascot.Their lead photograph is of a shirtless Jewish thug shaping up to bash another race goer.Hundreds of thousands of Eastern European Jews flooded into Britain at the end of the 19th Century…most illegals.Now they control everything from the British monarchy to the secret police to the media.

You could imagine the same sort of scenes occurring during the last moments of Ancient Rome….while the forces of collapse are gathering outside the walls of the city.Keep in mind that the collapse of Rome was primarily due to the decadence of the ruling class.

You see….The ruling elite are still carousing  and partying and consuming massive amounts of drugs and alcohol as though nothing is amiss in Britain.Theresa May could be compared to those appalling series of incompetent emperors who hung around for a bit before being replaced by another useless bastard.No healthy country elects a pensioner with health issues who needs a Zimmer frame to get about…it is truly pathetic.

Of course the majority of people OUTSIDE London are not like this…but since Britain is the fakest of fake democracies they are completely ignored….because they are so passive.If anarchy threatens as is the case of the post fire ructions the elite will step in and bribe the ringleaders with upmarket housing.This of course provides further opportunities for corruption….because the people who end up with the housing will sublet it to other people.etc etc etc..

Then there are western countries like NZ….a news release has announced that third world immigration is at massive record setting levels.NZers don’t want this….but the CUNTS in government allow it to continue.The elite is getting even richer on the back of it.

The NZ Labour Party has two Jews running it…Leader and Deputy.They reckon they will cut immigration by forty thousand…Now watch if they gain power….We will witness what America has experienced with their crypto Jew leader Trump…..NOTHING!.Not that the National Party is any different….

NZers will have to vote for the NZ FIRST Party…maybe and that is maybe…this MIGHT bring much needed change…a halt to corruption at high levels and a halt to the invasion…failing that NZers will need to start arming themselves.

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