Destroying Britain bit by bit….

The Jewish controlled government has brought 200.000 Romanian gypsies into Britain….and they are all on benefits.

They are housed by the government and fed by the government….just imagine the cost to the economy EVERY year,year in year out…which could be used to raise the English lower classes standard of living.Then you have the English lower class being raped and abused by Pakistani immigrants,then you have African immigrants involved in drug distribution,then you have young English children and adults being blown to pieces by Muslim terrorists.


OK….you object to this and voice your opinion on the subject….BE PREPARED TO BE TARGETTED BY THE JEWISH RUN SECRET POLICE….The scum at MI5.

Expect your house to be invaded,searched and bugged without a warrant…..expect your mail to be intercepted and if you are connected to the internet expect full time monitoring of your every key stroke.

Expect to be targeted by minority groups set up by the Secret Police.Expect to be viciously attacked by the media at every opportunity.

Therefore the only option is to hit back at the Secret Police….use what happened in Eastern Europe as your example where all such intelligence units were run by Jews….NOW ITS BRITAINS TURN.

The Jewish rent racketeer RACHMAN used black rent collectors against the tenants in his slums…this should give you an indication of how they operate.

Expect your family to be targeted too.

It is no holes barred for the Oligarchs hit men….The secret police MI5.

These people are distilled filth who when interviewed on TV speak with Plummy accents….disguising what terrible people they are.REMEMBER THEY USED ORPHANED CHILDREN TO ENTRAP PEDOPHILES…IN ORDER TO BLACKMAIL THEM….They are beneath contempt…a nasty brood of vipers with a sugar coating.

They are driving Britain into the ground….with their objective being chaos….THATS WHEN THEY WILL DECLARE MARTIAL LAW….then they will snare Europe into another global conflict….Anyone who allows their son’s and daughters to be dragged into fighting their war….NEEDS to consider what they are fighting for.

Then they murdered Dr David Kelly and called it suicide……

Remember that the full impact of the millions of invaders brought into Britain will not be immediately apparent……it means destruction of British identity and the collapse of the economy…..And the British parliament is FULL of these traitors all of whom have their snouts in public money seeking to enrich themselves while the going is good.

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