NZ politician calls for execution of Chinese drug importers.

This would work of course…but the ruling elite don’t want that….all you have to do is check what happens in Britain where repeat immigrant offenders are NOT deported….

I had one of the criminal little cunts hanging around last Thursday….he looked like a Chinese criminal because he was one….

This is JUST ANOTHER example of how immigration of the third world is destroying NZs way of life.BUT…and THIS is the important bit….The elite,that is the one percent are getting rich-er off the back of it.

Until the mob focusses its attention on the CUNTS in parliament rather than the immigrant criminals,the sooner things will change….The elite likes to remain below the radar…..

Just think of the preposterous Green scum….they come from wealthy middle class backgrounds and generally avoid all the problems caused by immigration.They are pampered idealists cut off from reality.

Their priority SHOULD be drugism and  the huge disparity in wealth and elite corruption NOT racism which they have turned into a quasi religion…..identity politics is now their main concern…The fucking wankers.(This stuff is all related to Marxist strategy…..cultural Marxism)

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