The New Top Gear…it tells you everything about the Jewish run BBC you need to know.

The old Top Gear presenters were a little too politically INcorrect….they more or less represented the average bloke in Britain…..

THIS SITUATION WAS INTOLERABLE TO THE JEWS AT THE BBC….they HAD to go…and the Jewish executives at the BBC found a way to do it….

The old presenters were replaced by a culturally safe trio…..TWO CRYPTO JEWS AND AN AFRICAN.

But the majority of people in Britain have no idea that their Anglo Saxon identity is no where to be seen because they think that the American and English are of the same ethnicity as themselves.

WRONG….TOTALLY WRONG.They are ethnically JEWISH….The African is a token minority….this strategy is commonly used by the Jews.

The American Matt Le Blanc originally starred in the hit series”Friends”….’ALL OF THE STARS OF THIS SHOW ARE JEWS.The English presenters name is HARRIS….this surname is virtually ALWAYS Jewish.The convicted pedophile Rolf Harris is a Jew…but you will NEVER see this fact mentioned in the media.Richard Harris the now dead movie star was also one of the gang.

So what it boils down to is concealed preferential treatment for Jews…at the BBC…..straight out racism in other words…The very thing the Jews at the BBC accuse Europeans of ALL THE FUCKING TIME……

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