When is NZ Rugby going to act on this.

Sonny Bill Williams is a NZ Rugby star and some viewers may have noticed that after scoring a try he does some sort of Muslim ceremony.(he is a Muslim convert).

It really is about time NZR requested he stop doing this ,after all rugby is a sport and as soon religion or politics are introduced it detracts from the game.

It creates division…between those who favour this and others who don’t.Just like politics.Better to keep both firmly out of the arena.

The last thing NZ needs is to import all the trouble relating to Islam into NZ.

Incidently if The All Blacks travel to Europe and Williamson carries on with this practice then there could be an adverse reaction.Tolerance of Muslims is rapidly coming to an end in Europe.Most people,despite what the media says,are fed up to the back teeth with it,more than that, a huge backlash is brewing.

And what about the global elite which controls the media….how do they view this…..As far as the elite goes….anything which fractures the identity of a country is good….so that society is composed of many competing factions.

Their longer term objective is to create a global war between a)the two branches of the Islamic religion…as we see now between Iran and Saudia Arabia AND between the west and Islamic countries.

The chief and perhaps only beneficiary of all this will be the state of Israel…

International Global Jewry does not like Muslims….BUT….they hate Christians even more…..their Talmud tells you of this hatred.

From all this you can see that the Introduction of religion and politics into sport causes nothing but trouble.

So if the people running NZ Rugby want trouble then they will do nothing.

Incidently there is evidence that the leadership of Iran and Saudi Arabia is crypto Jewish….in which case starting a war would be no trouble at all.The current pope is most emphatically a crypto Jew….there is no argument on that one.

Speaking from personal experience…there is no free speech on critical issues….it is all an illusion…because behind the scenes the secret police will attempt to get you by other means…..this enables the govt to keep fooling the public concerning the right to free speech..I have had trouble from left and right activists….The German government is currently rounding up Germans who exercised their supposed right to free speech….DAWN RAIDS…something not seen since the days of the Nazis….

So Europe is a volatile place right now…definitely not the place to be promoting Muslims on sports fields.

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