Corrupt crypto Bill “Gumboots” English says “invaders will continue to matter what NZers think”

There he was the corrupt short arsed little globalist up on the stage peeping over the podium with the usual Cheshire cat smirk affixed to his dial.

He was promising his land owning mates down on the farm that,yes cheap third world Labour will continue to arrive in their tens of thousands.He did not mention that his mates won’t have to pay when the invaders lose their jobs in the next economic downturn…or for the social costs when the Chinese invaders import huge amounts of drugs.

Let’s get this straight ENGLISH is inherently CORRUPT….he is part of the corrupt cabal that has taken over NZ…they all feather each other’s nest AT THE EXPENSE of the middle class.This pattern has been repeated right across all Western Countries.The most extreme version being in the USA….where the American middle class has been decimated…by elite corruption.And the American middle class is not being given any choice….they have the right to vote for a Jewish controlled party or a Jewish controlled party.This time they were forced to vote for the Jewish imbecile Trump….in the hope he would do something about the third world flood.Totally predictably he has done NOTHING.

With English it is his wife who is obviously Jewish…..

The NZ Labour Party leader (Mr Sweaty)has promised a forty thousand cut in immigration….he wants the votes.

Essentially the problem is JEWISH POWER….this highly organised racially conscious group now controls MOST western countries.Poland is NOT allowing its country to be invaded…this should tell people that the Jews do not control Poland….naturally Poland is routinely abused by the Jewish controlled media in Britain.Poland has a long history of Jewish occupation.During the cold war era…The Jews had Poland in their grip.The secret police were totally in the thrall of the Jews…..and vicious with it.

Currently in NZ the only viable option is to vote NZ FIRST….unless you don’t mind your town being swamped by third world immigrants….

One thing is for sure….sooner or later NZers will HAVE to vote for this party or one like it…..because things are going from bad to worse in all western countries….as FINALLY the inhabitants of those countries realise…..The leadership has ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF STOPPING IT….no matter what is said.

NOTE:…ALL the billionaires in NZ are crypto Jews….and they have enriched themselves at the middle classes expense…..from Sir Bob Jones to Graham Hart they are all as crooked as a three dollar note….but they got suits on….and so did the Jewish mobster Al Capone.

You can quite easily imagine Frau Merkel swinging from a tree…soon enough…make no mistake,the hag from hell is a Jew like the owners of Germany’s two biggest supermarket chains….Lidl and Aldi whose founders “miraculously” survived the holocaust®.Maybe Germans should poison the traitor instead.

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