Jonathan Evans former CEO of Filthy Cunts Inc…..MI5..Britains secret police.

Stand by for a shock this greasy bald headed cunt is a crypto Jew… should not actually be shocked because the JEWS TOTALLY CONTROL MI5….The increasingly despotic secret police of Britain….

In totalitarian countries Jews in positions such as Evans once was cast off any inhibitions about torture or terror…..they relish their power over the goyim….and don’t hold back.

So dirty Jewish cunts like Evans and Parker are tyrants in waiting….awaiting the time they can give vent to their inner instincts….cruelty unparalleled viciousness…..sorry but that includes their sick penchant for preying on helpless children…(see the Jew Beria)

So although EVANS….SEEMS TO BE A NORMAL human being….he is only constrained by the cultural norms of Britain.

Their posh suits make it difficult to get an angle on them plus their snooty public school accents.Don’t be fooled…these two low life bastards are actually FULL BLOWN CUNTS…..heaven help Britain should the situation ever come about that enables these FIENDS FROM HELL to declare martial law….

Obviously MI5 is a Jewish cornerstone of power,along with the press…not surprisingly they often work in concert.

(We are talking here of the executive level of MI5…..The foot soldiers will have a mixture of crypto and non Jews)

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