“Dangerous Roads”…BBC DOCO….there is summit odd abart it….

This features Sue Perkins who is a pommie comedienne who,strange as it may seem,is not the least bit funny….AND Charlie Boorman who is just a couple of brain cells short of retard status (a porky version of Forest Gump)

Guess what….they are both Jews!…. which is amazing since the huge majority of people living in Britain are Anglo Saxons….WEIRD.

Charlie’s dad is a rich film prodoocer/director and Sue is yet another Jewish lesbian….

So how is it two Jews are picked to feature in this documentary given that this ethnicity is small in number in Britain?.

No Worries….that’s easy to answer.Jews control the BBC and have a racist employment policy favouring Jews…..easy peasy…..plus they also discriminate against European Poms,unless they are sexual deviants of course.

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