Hyde and Seek takes a predictable turn.It is after all,produced by Jews.

Hyde and Seek is an Aussie cop show/spy type tv thriller.

In the first few episodes it dealt with mooslum terrorists (not mentioned of course…brought into Australia by the Jewish elite)

Things were going well to start with…somehow the tv series has morphed into something else…The Jews have introduced their old favourite “White Supremacists”..Of course the supremacists are suitably nasty in appearance and covered with tattoos…which the average Middle Class Aussie will take on board…subconsciously.

Well let’s examine just how supreme these supremacists are in Australia…

Well almost all billionaires in Australia are not of European ethnicity…that is white…they are Jewish…????.So in the billionaires arena….those White Racists are nothing like supreme.

ALL the media is owned and largely operated by Jewish people…OOPS…there is another example of white supremacy….NOT!

Australias financial system….SURELY Whites can claim supremacy in this vital area…..NO!….people of Semitic ancestry run the show.

Mining….Nope….not supreme….

State governors???……no,The judiciary?…NO….

So this White Supremacy is OBVIOUSLY about something else….

Well Whites are definitely supreme in one area…their actual numbers in Australia.

Who has a vested interest in the denigration of Europeans….well none other than the REAL supremacists…THE JEWS…..

No third world immigrants flooding into Australia….equals no White non supreme Supremacists….kicking back against something they were NEVER consulted about….as is SUPPOSED to happen in a democracy.

When you watch tv shows like this…rather than simply sitting back and absorbing it…..You should actually be studying WHAT effect the script writers want to achieve….The Jewish script writers that is.

The Jews have to be more subtle in their approach than American Jews writing scripts for TV shows in America…Americans being so dumbed down it is easier to put one over them…like you can see with dross like Madame Secretary.

Eventually crypto Jews will infiltrate ASIO and completely take it over like they have done with Homeland Security in the USA.That’ll be about the time Australian living standards start dropping like a stone….and the Jews in Israel will know EVERYTHING that ASIO knows…if they don’t already.

Guess what…The Jews have installed one of their tribe members as Prime Minister…Turnbull multimillionaire and counting.

Almost all the actors on Hyde and Seek are JEWS….

So all this stuff is REALLY to ensure Jews stay in the ascendancy and remain Supreme…..first they have to convince Australians that…Aussies who object to their country being swamped with immigrants are baddies AND White Racists/Supremacists.It is nothing more than very well disguised Jewish propaganda.For a reality check take note of the immigration policy of Israel…you could not find a better example of RACISM in action.

Guess what ethnicity first introduced organised crime into Australia….Jewish….Abraham Saffron a Jew even travelled to Las Vegas to get some pointers from the Jewish filth who set the city up.

FIRST THOUGH…Australians are going to have to learn how to identify CRYPTO JEWS….and there are plenty of those in Australia.The weirdo Jews who wear weird clothing and have inverted saucers on their heads…are the veritable tip of the largely invisible iceberg.

According to media propaganda Jews have been the victims of persecution…in history…..keep in mind Abraham Saffron and the prostitution and vice he was responsible for and amassed millions from….before you fall for that tale of woe.

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