NZ wins the Americas cup…The govt WILL be pleased

If anything represents the rise of corporate government the Americas Cup does it…..disguised fascism in other words….Big multinational corporations battling it out in multimillion dollar yachts….

The government will be happy that’s for sure…it will take NZers minds off the fact that NZers are amongst the lowest paid workers in the OECD…while the NZ Prime Minister gets paid a higher salary than Britain’s Prime Minister…a country with a huge GDP.

Meantime NZ workers themselves are being displaced by mass alien immigration….

This win has little to do with the average NZer….unlike the Rugby World Cup….but this fact did not deter the elite from stealing MILLIONS of dollars from low paid workers in NZ and handing it over to the elites buddies…35.000.000 dollars a pop.The key figures in all this are now multimillionaires….which says it all.

The Jewish mayor of Auckland (dumb) demonstrated his dyslexia by saying the “atmosphere was absolutely PULPABLE”‘….sic…..

The morons of TV3 Breakfast were in full flight behaving like idiotic Americans with artificial bonhommie.One…The dumbarse corporate sycophant Mark Williamson was working very hard to demonstrate his fake enthusiasm with his trademark cheesy grin…..It is very hard to believe but the breakfast IDIOTS were waving small kiwi flags around….when they SHOULD have been waving flags bearing the logo’s of the giant multinationals…..

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