The rise of the fruity pseudo-posh kiwi accent.

Rich poms excel in their snooty-fruity accent ability.They are sort of letting other poms know they went to the “right schools”….some poms mimic the accent…. like some species of insects  which pretend to be highly poisonous by having similar coloration to the REAL deal…

Then there is the nouveau riche of NZ…

Naturally not much is mentioned about the monied class in NZ….doing so may make Kiwis resentful….especially when they realise that a lot of of the bastards have come by their wealth by manipulation of govt legislation or just plain straight out corruption.

Like the famous Marrano yachting hero…none of than “Sir” Michael Fay and his fellow corrupt banker Richwhite.

Having lotsa money does not seem to be enough for many of them….they like to now put on plooty accents.(you find the same sort of thing arising in North East US….)

Wordologists cannot find a better example of this than within the upper end of yachting….they are out in force in the Bahamas following the Americas cup….they wear a particular type of nautical clothing too….no doubt of a particular brand….in short,they are what Kiwis USED to call ” fuckin’ wankers”….’….Toleration of fudgepackers is another feature,since sexual deviance is not uncommon amongst the in crowd.There are a couple of butt burglars in the team NZ with very sore bottoms….and not because they had an accident with a winch handle.

Here’s the thing ,while posh pommy bastards speak with a fruity accent it does not sound artificial…they’ve been carrying on like this for centuries…

But the Nouveau Riche of NZ…??.they sound like the wannabes they are…totally artificial…twats.When will the cunts be angling to privatise the Auckland Grammar school….and steal THAT asset from NZers…like they have stolen so much else.(they want to get hold of this school because of its history)

Wait until the FULL IMPACT of the alien immigration hits home….these wealthy criminals will be so out of reach that they will be unassailable.Rather like Britain today.

Rather than paying taxes they’ll be buying a new ocean going yacht every year…..thanks to the Kiwi middle classes kind generosity….pass the Kalashnikov.

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