British Jews beginning to leave for pastures new.

They began invading Britain in numbers at the beginning of the 20 th Century….many were illegal immigrants.

Pretty much all the levers of power are now 100 years later,in their hands.

They have got Britain in wars that do not benefit the country and have used British armed forces to fight THEIR wars in the Middle East.

But,worst of all they completely control the media and as a result are able to shape public opinion….thus MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION into Britain is constantly promoted by the media…along with the “white racism” racket.

As a result of all this many Jews are leaving Britain and finding a new host to exploit…nuthin’ like fresh grass to mow…..BEFORE the host realises what’s going on.

A lot of them are settling in coastal regions in Spain…where their knowledge of British tourists gives them an edge…over locals.Gordon Ramsay (wife a tribe member) the swearing cook did one of his restaurant rehabs on the Costa del Sol where a bunch of Cockney Jews were running a restaurant…They were actually greasier than the chips they were serving…and could have passed for Spanish peasants with added guile and cunning.See the Goyim eventually forgets what happened in the past and the threat posed by the Jews to their way of life…so they lower their guard…bingo,back they come and the whole cycle starts again.

After wrecking Britain’s identity with mass alien immigration and vast corruption (Maxwell,Green,Fred the shed etc)….it’s time to move on…By all accounts they are now taking over West Australia with Jewish expats from South Africa….after they wrecked that country.(see East European Jew..Joe Slovo..).large Jewish multinationals are still extracting mineral wealth from South Africa.Sol Kerzner who set up “Sun city” has left town and is now based in America and the Caribbean.White South Africans face the possibility of genocide at the hands of the blacks….by which time South Africans will have forgotten how they found themselves in this position.Slovo the Jewish communist will be a distant memory.

Some Jews are even shifting back to Germany!!….with decades of brainwashing by the Jewish TV…Germans will be an obliging host,for a while at least,by which time their identity will have been submerged under the heaving mass of sub Saharan immigrants….(see the infamous Barbara Spectre You Tube video)’

Britain is in trouble….and it COULD have been avoided IF the suicidal Jewish promoted and organised immigration invasion had been prevented.

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