Cuba still a vicious police state…away from the tourist areas.

Keep in mind the Castro’s are crypto Jews.(like the PM of Jamaica)

In contrast to other Caribbean islands Cuba does not have the drugs and violent crime Jamaica for example…..yet..Before Castro took over Cuba was an absolute cesspit of crime and exploitation…The Jewish mafia had a fucking field day.

Trouble is Cuba has exchanged one set of Jewish criminals for another lot.

A documentary on the island (by a BBC Jew…of course)…said that ” political dissidents were followed closely and harassed and sometimes jailed”….Ah yes just like Britain and the whole of Europe today…..IF the “dissident” should be as unwise as to criticise the ruling elite….THE JEWS.The French comedian Duodonnie (probably incorrect spelling) would vouch for that one….NO WORRIES…..and it is going to get worse.

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