Daily Mail hacks have problem with ethnic identification.

Although the Mails Jewish journalists do not have any difficulty identifying white racists,infact the zio-hacks seem to have built in radar for spotting them…they DO have problems successfully identifying other ethnicities….which is a bit if a mystery.

For example…..A whole bunch of British Africans went on the rampage in Portugal just recently.The Portugese police had to fire shots to regain order.

All the photos of the riot seemed to be blurred so individual rioters were hard to identify.

Not a dicky bird about the ethnicity of the rioters….WTF??.

Background:.The Jews who control Britain have imported millions of third world immigrants into Britain (the CRYPTO Jewish elite…like for example,The Windsors or Boris Johnstein or Nick Clegg…there are LOADS of them)

Crypto Jews also run the newspapers…which go out of their way to cast Europeans as RACISTS….but ALSO disguise wrong doing by other ethnicities.When crypto Jews appear in court they are cast as European….just occasionally Jewish criminals are identified…like the slum landlord Rachman (his mates….The Kray Twins…were called Catholics….but like John Kerry,were not Catholics at all,but crypto Jews)

And for the reality check….there’s no better place than the Jews HQ….ISRAEL.

While Europe is FULL OF WHITE RACISTS ….especially those who object to having their country invaded by Africans and Arabs…Israel on the other hand immediately incarcerates refugees from Africa and deports them.All of this goes unreported by the Jewish owned and operated media in Britain??!.

So it’s a case of “British tourists riot in Portugal”…..

Needless to say,the British media is used by the zio-elite to mislead the public…in the interests of Jewish Power.

According to the Daily Mail Jews suffer eternal persecution for no reason…The Mail is forever running WW2 Jewish suffering articles….along with Nazi related stuff.This does not happen by chance.

Meantime “Sir Phillip Green”the TopShop criminal is still at large basking in Mediterranean sunshine…pretty much a replay of Robert Maxwell and his gigantic theft.NOTE:His hatchlings are as rich as ever….his daughter Ghislaine was at one time procuring young teenage girls for a billionaire Jew to prey on….all of this escapes the notice of the British media…and NOT BY CHANCE either.


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