Tim Batt….idiocy reigns supreme on NZ television.

He fronts a light entertainment type interview show….AND IT IS TRULY FUCKING AWFUL….

It goes without saying Batt has the required amount of Jewish ancestry to work in the media (East European)..

Needless to say he promotes third world immigration and uses the commonly employed Marxist trick…”we are all immigrants anyway”

But the worse thing is….he is a COMPLETE MORON and not a thing he says is remotely funny….not a thing.It is all rather like American humour…you tell people it is funny then run a soundtrack of laughter…to persuade people to laugh….The herd instinct takes over.

Has Batt got the full compliment of PC credentials….does he pack fudge or burgle butts…..

Just because the television tells people “Tim Batt is a very popular comedian”…does not mean it is true…your response should be…”Yeah they WOULD say that wouldn’t they”‘

The last humorist to appear on NZ TV was the cartoonist Tom Scott….and even he was at times not funny….although his cartoons were consistently good.

NZ is rapidly turning into a mini America which has THE MOST IDIOTIC TELEVISION IN THE WORLD….they are even giving awards to the Kiwi zio-warbler Lorde…WTF….

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